How to Repair and Coat a RV Roof

August 26, 2014 2 min read

We get many questions on how to fix, repair and coat a RV Roof using Liquid Rubber products.


This is a general guideline of how it's done.


Typically a RV roof is in good shape for the most part.  Leaking usually occurs around vents, skylights and seams.


                How To Repair a RV Vent?

    1.  Clean 6" around area to be sealed so it's free from dirt, oil and contaminants....

    2.  Abrade/roughen surface (sandpaper or steel wool works well).

    3.  Final clean with Acetone ensures a proper surface to apply to.

    4.  Bridge gaps, cracks, seams, vents, skylights with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape....

    5.  Apply 1 coat of Liquid Rubber A-Primer to any surfaces you plan on coating.  Most RV Roofs are hard to adhere to (Seam Tape does not require A-Primer).  Coverage for Liquid Rubber A-Primer is approx 165 sq ft / G and costs $59.95.  Sizes come in 1 Quart (946ml) - $29.95, 1G/3.78L and 5G/18.9L - $239.95.  Currently we do not have this listed through the Online Store but it can be ordered by calling the Head Office at 1-855-592-1049.

    6.  A-Primer will dry fairly quick and remains tacky, you may want to work in 1 arm length at a time.  It is then ready to coat over withLiquid Rubber Smooth Sealant.

    7.  ApplyLiquid Rubber Smooth Sealant on primed surfaces and Seam Tape.  You will require several coats to achieve a water resistant surface.  3 Coat final coverage is approximately 30 sq ft/G.  Dry time usually is approximately 3 hours between coats.  When it feels dry to touch, it can be recoated.

You can see aRV Vent Repair Case Study by clicking on the link.





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