Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck Coating

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Smooth Stone Grey
Smooth Neutral Beige
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Textured Brilliant White
Textured Misty Grey
Textured Stone Grey
Textured Neutral Beige
Textured Saddle Brown
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You take pride in the condition, appearance, and performance of your property. After all, your home is something you can pass on for generations—it can be part of your lasting legacy

It’s our mission to help you fulfill that endeavor, and we’re doing exactly that for countless satisfied customers through our Polyurethane Deck Coating. It’s the hidden ingredient that can preserve your property for decades...

Delivering Pristine Quality You Can Share With Your Family

Here at Liquid Rubber, we understand that quality and performance hold paramount importance. That’s why our polyurethane deck coating is designed to be 10 times stronger than traditional deck coatings.

Our Polyurethane Deck Coating delivers a hard waterproof surface to keep your property in pristine condition, and provides a fiercely durable protective layer to keep your property performing at the highest level.

From family cookouts to fishing adventures with the grandkids, your deck or dock will be a constant source of happiness and everlasting memories for years to come when it’s wearing Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck Coating as armor.

Produces a Look You Can Be Proud Of

Quality and performance are absolutely necessary, but we know the appearance of your property matters too. That’s why our Polyurethane Deck Coating comes in 16 attractive colour and texture options that can be applied to deck boards, plywood, and concrete.

Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck Coating gives you a look you will be proud to share with your family, friends, and guests.

Meanwhile, the coating’s waterproof membrane has excellent solar reflectivity and UV stability to enhance appearance and performance. Plus, it’s easy to apply.

Protect your surfaces with Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck Coating to preserve your property—and those everlasting memories—for generations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
Harvey Zazula
Deck rubber

I loved this product , should have went with smooth only

overall the product is good and easily applied.

an instruction guide of application should accompany along the prolduct.

Murray Arnold
Personnel user

Easy to apply and it seems to have a good rubber coating I will better comment a year after it has been laid down

Michael Chauvin

Great product, I'll deffinately order more in the futur, for up coming project.

Rod Constable
Finally completed

We have a large vinyl covered deck of app. 32 sqm. (350 sqft.)
In 2020 I applied 2 coats of Polyurethane Deck Coat and ended up with a pretty but tacky surface. After discussions with the Tech rep. I was advised to give it more time to cure. Since we do not use the deck in the winter we left it to cure. This spring it was even more tacky than before. After further discussions Liquid Rubber sent me a new 18l. can of urethane deck coating. We applied 2 more coats on top of the previous 2 coats; success. We now have a beautiful, non sticky deck, that looks brand new.
Some points I recommend to follow.
1) Stir thoroughly with a drill mounted commercial stirring mixer. Restir every hour or if using a second or third day.
2) Use 10-15 mm. knap rollers and discard after each use.
3) Work fast and roll out small areas at a time, the product tacks up quickly in sunshine.
4) 2 coats is minimum 3 may be needed depending on the colour of the old surface, and how much you roll out the material.
5) Liquid Rubber tech. dept. will do their best to help you
Nanaimo B.C.Canada


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