Asphalt Driveway - Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore Sealer

It is unfortunate that driveways will begin to break down over time. Liquid Rubber Canada offers an easy DIY solution to protect and revitalize your driveway extending the life and value of your investment. For a fraction of the cost, you can add approximately 5 years to your driveway.


  1. Ensure a clean, dry surface by power washing
  2. Degreaser may be needed for oil spots
  3. Fill large cracks and small holes with Liquid Rubber Crack Repair
  4. Prep perimeter and cracks by brushing
  5. Apply 2-3 heavy coats for FINAL COVERAGE of 250 ft2/gal
  6. Use 18" Foam Squeegee to spread
  7. See below for products used


  • Dust or dirt can cause loss of adhesion
  • Apply the next heavy coat when the product is dry to the touch and nothing is wet underneath.  Tacky is ok
  • Apply material until you use up the required amount
  • Use a foam squeegee to apply
  • Apply above 5C (​40F) and rising
  • Curing time depends on temperature, humidity and airflow
  • Avoid application if rain or dew is forecast within 24 hrs


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