Liquid Rubber CreteSafe

The Liquid Rubber CreteSafe product line has been designed to provide superior, flexible protection for concrete surfaces.

All CreteSafe coatings cure to form a seamless membrane with excellent adhesion that completely seals the concrete to prevent water and chemicals from reaching the surface. CreteSafe products can be applied at 5C/40F and above.


  1. Prevents water damage and water infiltration
  2. Protects from chemical, acid and salt attack
  3. Resists hydrostatic pressure
  4. Guards against abrasion & erosion

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The tough, highly elastic waterproofing properties of the CreteSafe bitumen based products provide puncture resistance, flexibility and strength that bridges cracks while maintaining their structural integrity under physical and thermal stress.

B-Series products are sprayed with the HVLP 2000 Instant-Set Sprayer.

S-Series is a brushgrade product that can be brushed, rolled and sprayed with a high quality piston type sprayer.

How Does CreteSafe Work?

CreteSafe products consist of either elastomeric modified bitumen or acrylic emulsions that are combined with polymers that marry traditional waterproofing materials with modern polymer technology to enhance these waterproofing and protection properties.

The resulting CreteSafe products deliver the following features:

  • Long term UV resistance
  • Seamless and a resilient membrane
  • Low permeation, water and air (exceptional waterproofing)
  • Salt, acid and chemical resistivity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent elongation and recovery, flexibility and the ability to bridge cracks
  • No VOC’s, non-flammable, low odor

Liquid Rubber CreteSafe solutions provide safe, cost effective waterproofing and abrasion protection for all concrete structures including:

  • Above and below grade foundation structures including poured concrete, CMU’s, ICF’s, PWF’s
  • Tunnels
  • Containment basins
  • Parking garages and parking decks
  • Terrace decks and balconies
  • Retaining walls
  • Pre-cast pipe
  • Docks and piers

How Is CreteSafe Applied?

CreteSafe products are cold applied as a liquid at ambient temperatures and cure to form a fully adhered seamless and flexible membrane.

CreteSafe products can be applied to the surface using a the HVLP 2000 Instant-Set Sprayer that will result in a 40 mil to 120 mil Dry Film Thickness in 1 application.

Unlike other conventional waterproofing or protective coatings, the application benefits reduce labor costs and increase worker safety.

  • No open flame or hot liquid to apply
  • Non-toxic and flammable solvents
  • No seams to seal or adhesives to apply

Liquid Rubber CreteSafe products provide long term waterproofing where temperatures vary from -40 ̊C to 80 ̊C. 


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