Liquid Rubber A-205

Liquid Rubber A-205 is a flexible acrylic emulsion based coating available in a range of colours which is used alone or as a top coat for Liquid Rubber’s bitumen-based coatings. Applied as a single component liquid, Liquid Rubber A-205 cures to form a water resistant fully adhered seamless membrane, providing excellent waterproofing and surface protection.


  1. Smooth rubberized finish
  2. Surface protection
  3. UV resistant
  4. Range of colours

Data Sheets & MSDS

Protective decorative coating with smooth rubberized finish

The Liquid Rubber A-205/B-200 system can be applied to a wide range of surface materials and should be used where intermittent water occurs. Liquid Rubber A-205 has excellent UV resistance and its Solar Reflectivity Index rating of an exceptional 103 to help meet cool roof requirements.

For industrial applications Liquid Rubber A-205 is recommended where the surface requires protection from intermittent hydrocarbon or chemical spills or for intermittent water immersion. Liquid Rubber A-205 is formulated for application by brush, roller or conventional paint spray equipment.


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