Liquid Rubber MetalSafe

Refurbishing metal roofs with the Liquid Rubber MetalSafe System is a cost effective solution that will dramatically reduce cooling costs and extend roof life. Even rusted roofs become sustainable deferring roof replacement indefinitely.

Don’t waste time with multiple coatings when 1 coat of MetalSafe performs better than the rest!


  • 100% seamless waterproof membrane
  • Applied directly over rust - no priming
  • Non-toxic, no VOC's
  • Lowers energy costs
  • Up to 20 years of protection


Cost savings

  • Affordable material cost
  • Reduced Labor
  • Cover up to 10,000 sq. ft. / day
  • Lower energy costs 15 + %
  • No disruption to business operations
  • Ease of repair and maintenance

Innovative Technology

  • Superior elongation and technology
  • No primer or sandblasting required
  • Resists chemicals and acid rain
  • Reduce heat island and greenhouse effect
  • Used worldwide

Safe Application

  • Cold applied
  • No solvents, toxins or VOC’s
  • Environmentally safe


MetalSafe B-300

The highly elastic properties of MetalSafe B-300 provide puncture resistance, flexibility and low permeability in an instant set membrane. MetalSafe B-300 can be applied over lightly rusted metal surfaces, unlike other corrosion liners that need to be applied to “white” metal, to deliver excellent corrosion protection with no blistering or creep so rust cannot undercut the coating.

MetalSafe B-300 offers no fire or explosion hazards when applying, it needs less pre-application preparation. It is easy to apply and easy to repair if damaged.

Liquid Rubber A-205

Liquid Rubber A-205 is a water based liquid applied waterproof coating comprised of a proprietary blend of both elastomeric and acrylic polymers that cures to a seamless membrane. Liquid Rubber A-205 is available in a range of architectural colors.

Containing no solvents, A-205 is non-flammable and is compatible with polyurethane, polystyrene and other insulating materials to provide moisture and UV protection. A-205 is recommended for a wide variety of surface materials in both interior and exterior use. A-205 has excellent reflectivity and UV resistance to sunlight.

MetalSafe S-300

MetalSafe S-300 is a single component, liquid applied waterproofing sealant combining elastomeric and acrylic polymers for a high solids quick drying membrane.

Containing no solvents, MetalSafe S-300 is non-flammable and will not damage polyurethane or polystyrene insulation materials. A variety of different reinforcing fabrics can be embedded into the membrane to produce superior waterproofing protection.

Liquid Rubber Seam Tape & Reinforcing Fabric

Liquid Rubber Seam Tape is used to bridge gaps and cracks in preparing vents, protrusions, fasteners and seams. It conforms to virtually any shape and accepts coatings with its mesh backing.

Stitchbond polyester is one of the strongest materials available as reinforcement in cold process roofing. It offers an unusual combination of high strength properties, delivering good elongation for excellent thermal stress force accommodations.

MetalSafe Bulk Caulking Gun & MetalSafe Gel Grade Sealant

Fast effective way to seal panel seams, screw heads, cracks and penetrations.

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