R-08 Spray Gun

The lightweight R-08 Gun features a strong urethane coated handle with a comfortable trigger grip. The system is fully tested and comes ready to spray with a 200’ roll of welded dual hose, 6 spray tips, 1 pump rebuild kit and 1 gun valve repair kit.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Comfortable trigger
  3. 6 spray tips

Liquid Rubber Application Equipment & Accessories

Contractors using Liquid Rubber’s application techniques and equipment achieve greater productivity than is possible with competing systems. Typically a three man crew will be able to waterproof 10,000 sq. ft. / 929 m” of roof per day. All the equipment a contractor needs fits into a small trailer.

Liquid Rubber provides a 2 day training course both in house and on site for the contractors first project.


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