Sealing Concrete or Wood - Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Clear Coat

There are many projects that require a transparent, yet durable, waterproofing solution to maintain the beauty of a decorative finish. Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Clear Coat was designed to meet those needs and provide a beautiful “wet look” while protecting and sealing.

Projects Include

  • Wooden Decks
  • Landscape Borders
  • Exposed Aggregate Finishes
  • Unsealed Colored Concrete on Porches/Walkways
  • Unsealed Stamped Concrete on Porches/Walkways
  • Unsealed Concrete Pavers
  • Brick and Cinderblock



  1. Test an inconspicuous area for discoloration prior to full application
  2. Clean the areas with Liquid Rubber Deck and Patio Cleaner
  3. For concrete surfaces, etch with Liquid Rubber Concrete Etch
  4. Power wash to ensure a clean surface, allow to fully dry
  5. Apply an even coat of Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Clear Coat
  6. Apply with brush, roller or spray
  7. Apply the next coat when the product is dry to the touch
  8. Minimum 2-3 coats
  9. Coverage -Approximately 150 sq.ft. - 300 sq.ft. per 1G (3.78L). Depending on porosity and profile
  10. See below for products used


  • Dust or dirt can cause loss of adhesion
  • Apply material until you use up the required amount
  • Apply above 10C (​50F) and rising
  • Curing time depends on temperature, humidity and airflow
  • Avoid application if rain or dew is forecast within 24 hrs
  • Apply next coat(s) as soon as possible not allowing extended time between if possible


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