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Liquid Rubber Topcoats

Liquid Rubber A-200 – Protective decorative coating with

smooth rubberized finish

Liquid Rubber A-200 is a flexible acrylic emulsion based coating available in a range of colours which is used alone or as a top coat for Liquid Rubber’s bitumen-based coatings. Applied as a single component liquid, Liquid Rubber A-200 cures to form a water resistant fully adhered seamless membrane, providing excellent waterproofing and surface protection.

The Liquid Rubber A-200/B-200 system can be applied to a wide range of surface materials and should be used where intermittent water occurs. Liquid Rubber A-200 has excellent UV resistance and its Solar Reflectivity Index rating over 0.9 to help meet cool roof requirements.


For industrial applications Liquid Rubber A-200 is recommended where the surface requires protection from intermittent hydrocarbon or chemical spills or for intermittent water immersion. Liquid Rubber A-200 is formulated for application by brush, roller or conventional paint spray equipment.

Liquid Rubber T-300 – Protective decorative coating with textured tough finish

Liquid Rubber T-300 is water based and environmentally safe, providing an excellent textured coating that is highly flexible and resists cracking and aging. Applications include patios, balconies, pool decks, utility room floors and walkways.

Liquid Rubber T-300 is a fluid applied elastomeric product containing a granular additive for improved traction in a protective coating used in light traffic areas. Available in a range of designer colours, it adheres fully to the substrate, providing a flexible long wearing surface and is not affected by sunlight, water or occasional chemical spills.


Liquid Rubber T-300 is a single component, cold applied coating, applied alone or as a topcoat over Liquid Rubber’s B-series or S-series products.

Liquid Rubber T-300 is recommended where a decorative textured protective finish with good flexible properties is needed or where surface protection from intermittent water exposure, hydrocarbon or chemical spills is required. Liquid Rubber T-300 is a polymer modified acrylic emulsion formulated for application by textured sprayer, brush, roller or squeegee.