Epoxy One Two Glue

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Literally one of the finest adhesives in the world today.

This product bonds to the most materials, in most conditions, with more success than other adhesives do.

One Two Glue is non-drip that is perfect for repairs on vertical surfaces.

One Two Glue is infused with rubber and resists shrinkage, expansion, bending, vibration, shock and fatigue. You can sand and paint One Two Glue to match the contours of your project and paint to match colors for a seamless repair.

Use Case

Use One Two Glue for hundreds of applications including but not limited to: Pool and Pipe Leaks, Cracks and Tears; PVC, Plastic, Wood, Metal, and Glass; Toys, Fabrics, Furniture, Automotive, and Marine; Aquariums, Concrete and Tile and much, much more!

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