Liquid Rubber Geo-Textile


Reinforcing Fabric Liquid Rubber Geo-Textile is composed of stichbonded polyester: one of the strongest material available in the roofing industry. Use Liquid Rubber Seam Tape or Geo-Textile with Liquid Rubber Coatings to build plys, bridge gaps; cracks, joints; seams, vents; skylights and much more.

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I have yet to use the product but if you contact me at a later date I would be happy to rate it.

Re review

We have used product from shipment as it turns out the job has been put off for 90 days.
Having said that , if like other products we have used from u in the past . I m sure we will pleased
Thank you

Looks Good

I applied the LR where I needed it. It went on rather easy, wasn't to messy and the final job looks good. I did this about 3 weeks ago, so how well it will hold up, I can't say. But I have used other similar products and the are more dry texture once a couple of weeks have gone by, and a couple of years down the road they start cracking. LR looks more "rubbery" so far, and for now looks less prone to cracking, but only time will tell.

Liquid rubber

I was late in the season for application, only applied one coat. If I get some warmer weather I’ll apply the rest.
Regards Jim

Liquid Rubber For Deck

I have been very impressed with the product, and the company. They have been very helpful in guiding my application. We received the product, and started applying in early October. Unfortunately, mother nature has not been cooperative, and we were only able to apply two coats to the deck, before the fall rains started. But, even with those two coats, our very large deck has not leaked a drop as far as I can see. Our garage is underneath, and with the ceiling exposed, I would notice any water. Therefore, I will wait until the spring to apply the final coats. Easy to apply, excellent directions! Five stars all the way, and I would purchase from this company at any time, and would recommend them highly!


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