Liquid Rubber Geo-Textile


Reinforcing Fabric Liquid Rubber Geo-Textile is composed of stichbonded polyester: one of the strongest material available in the roofing industry. Use Liquid Rubber Seam Tape or Geo-Textile with Liquid Rubber Coatings to build plys, bridge gaps; cracks, joints; seams, vents; skylights and much more.

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Sara Nerli
Excellent Product

I used Liquid Rubber waterproof sealant along with geo textile. I used to seal my patio as there is storage room under it. It worked amazing. I put down 3 coats. It certainly waterproof and seals the surface.

Phil Dillon
Lac Gauthier Deck Transformation

Awesome product completely changed the aesthetics, functionality and lifespan of our deck while preventing more landfill material. Knowledgeable Liquid Rubber staff helped me choose the right products and quantities. The step by step videos accessible via YouTube were very helpful and the material was a breeze to install allowing even beginner DIYers to achieve very professional results. By laying plywood down on the existing planks and coating the new flooring with Liquid Rubber it also created a watertight roof for a storage area beneath the deck.

Pierre St-onge
Just what i needed

I followed the instructions and it was easy and gave me a perfect result

Eric Raymond
Seems an excellent product so far...

Pros: Fast delivery, easy to apply, fair price, water cleanable. Could I ask for more?
Cons: Quite long to cure between coats.

Let's see how it lasts in the permanent earthquake of a van...

Brenda Leonard
Walls for Winter Shelter

Our northern-Alberta based animal rescue provides sturdy shelters for animals left out in the cold all winter (and our winters get extremely cold for long periods of time). We have found that since we started coating the roofs of the shelters with Liquid Rubber there have been no moisture issues inside the shelters. Once moisture gets inside the animals will not be able to maintain body heat and possibly freeze to death. Liquid Rubber has very literally been a life saver and we have saved many more animals because of this product. We have also started sealing the shelter seams with GeoTech sealer and that is working extremely well to keep drafts out. Thank you Liquid Rubber for helping us help neglected animals!


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