Liquid Rubber Crack Repair Kit

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Crack Repair Kit

  • Repair potholes, pitting, spalls and large cracks in concrete and asphalt prior to applying your final coating
  • Dries fast
  • Bonds like crazy
  • Remains solid under abuse from vehicular traffic
  • Not a stand alone product (designed to be top coated).


  • 2 x 1L packages of White Lighting Aggregate
  • 1 x 400 ml Epoxy Binder
  • 1 x 2" spatula applicator


  1. Clean the area: Remove any loose material. Use Liquid Rubber Concrete Etch to remove contaminants and/or power wash with a high-pressure unit (2000 PSI or above is recommended).
  2. Inspect: Identify repair area’s. We recommend that anything that may create a hazard be filled. Filling all pits and potholes will ensure an attractive finish to your Liquid Rubber application, making your old driveway, patio, balcony, etc, look like new. (This also eliminates area’s where water can sit and further erode the surface, extending the lifespan).
  3. Mixing Liquid Rubber Crack Repair Kit: Remove the epoxy binder and the two 1 liter packages of sand from the 1 gallon container. Pour half of the epoxy binder into the empty 1 gallon container and slowly add 1 package of the sand while mixing, and continue mixing until no dry sand remains. (be sure that no liquid or dry material remains in the bottom of the container). Use the tool provided to apply the mixture to the pit or pothole at no more than 1” depth to ensure the product cures properly, pack firmly then strike off level. (Deeper repairs may require additional applications). Allow to cure for 24-48 hours. It is recommended to mix half of the epoxy binder and a 1 liter package of the sand at a time to help ensure product doesn’t cure before the application is complete.
  4. Apply the Waterproofing/Sealant solution of your choice: Allow 24-48 hours for the pothole repair material to dry before traffic and/or applying the Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore or Deck Coating of your choice.



    • Final coverage

      Approximately 1 square foot at 1 inch depth


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