Liquid Rubber NeoPond Sealant

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Flexible Heavy-Duty Coating

  • Maintain Your Home’s Most Elegant Feature

    A beautiful pond can be the centerpiece of your home. It adds a level of elegance, adventure, and intrigue that can’t be gained from any other property feature.

    Unfortunately, all it takes is a single leak to turn that tasteful centerpiece into a barren, unfruitful eyesore. By offering unmatched protection against leaks, Liquid Rubber’s NeoPond Sealant will ensure your pond remains a source of joy and beauty for years to come.

    This Easy-to-Apply Waterproof Membrane Preserves Your Home’s Character

    A pond is often a pronounced aspect of your home’s character. It can add life to a front garden, and it can turn an empty yard into a miniature ecosystem full of nature. That’s why Liquid Rubber is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of your pond.

    With NeoPond Sealant, you’ll receive a fully submersible, fish- and plant-safe waterproofing membrane that protects your pond from the devastating leaks that can rob your home of such elegance.

    And no expert is required when using Liquid Rubber’s NeoPond Sealant. Specially-designed to be applied like a paint, this sealant adds unrivaled protection to your pond in a few simple steps.

    Provides Safety for Your Family, Pets, and More

    Just like quality, safety is paramount to Liquid Rubber. It’s our mission to deliver durable, high-performance products that never lose sight of the fact that the safety of your loved ones is most important.

    Our NeoPond Sealant is no exception. Containing no solvents and ultra-low VOCs, this water-based sealant provides uncompromising safety when it comes to your family, your pets, and the environment.

    With Liquid Rubber’s NeoPond Sealant, you don’t have to sacrifice quality, safety, or appearance when it comes to preserving the centerpiece of your home.

  • USED FOR:Waterproofing area’s to be submerged or in frequent ponding area’s. Common applications include ponds and water features
  • See DIY APPLICATIONS for more specific info
  • EASY TO APPLY - Basically just like painting except you use heavy coats to build up your waterproof membrane. Open the container and start using. You can close the container and use later if you have left over material. No pot life or working time like 2 component products. Apply by Brush, Roller or Good Quality Paint Sprayer
  • HIGHLY FLEXIBLE - UV Stable - Easier to apply and requires less product than competitive products to achieve a fully submersible, fish and plant safe, waterproofing membrane
  • FOR A BULLETPROOF SYSTEM - Bridge joints, seams, vents, gaps, protrusions…. With LIQUID RUBBER SEAM TAPE or LIQUID RUBBER GEO-TEXTILE where possible movement may occur.

Customer Reviews

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Worth the Investment

Many winters have damaged my expensive water fountain until I found Liquid Rubber. This product is exactly what I was looking for to line the fountain bowls. It is easy to apply and maintenance free; I now have a product I can depend on!


Great product, easy to use and effective on my fountain

So far so good

Bought the Neo Pond Sealant to make a waterproof membrane on a plywood box I built. Excellent customer service so far when choosing the right product. I used the multi purpose primer first. The sealant is really easy to apply. Put about 4 coats with a paintbrush. It adheres very nicely to the plywood. Very happy so far. Can’t wait to fill the tank up with water.


Works as described.


Good day. To be honest, l never got to check out your new product. My pond liner is 12 years of great pond life. Unfortunately my many repairs(polar plunge new dog)have become too problematic. So l have had to undo all my rock work and regime my fish(kiddie pool) while l get a new liner. Hopefully l don’t need the new liquid rubber for a bit. I’m hoping it doesn’t have an expiry date for awhile. Have loved my previous product that l ordered from you. Would highly recommend your site. In fact l have a Barbershop, and rave about it to my clients. Thanks again. Beverley Small


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