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Flexible RV Roof Coating

  • Multi-purpose liquid applied coating that cures into a waterproof membrane
  • Used for rejuvenating and waterproofing RV Roofs
  • Excellent adhesion to EPDM Rubber Roofs and other roof materials
  • Flexible, resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Water based, no harmful solvents or VOC's


  • Approx. 100 ft2 (9.3m2) per G (3.78L) per coat
  • Apply a minimum of 2-3 heavy coats


  • Avoid hot, direct and intense sun when applying: mornings and evenings are best.
  • Use EPDM/TPO Primer on EPDM/TPO Roofs.
  • EPDM is a rubber sheet membrane.
  • TPO is a plastic sheet membrane.
  • For larger areas, pour out and spread around with roller.
  • Apply material until you use up the required amount.
  • Remove painters tape as soon as possible.
  • If corrosion is present, use two heavy coats of MetalSafe Sealant as a primer.
  • Product stays soft, flexible and may have some tackiness while curing.
  • You can re-coat when it's dry to touch making sure there's no uncured material underneath.

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